Achieve Wild Success Without Losing Your Faith

Secular and spiritual success are not opposites. To have one, you need the other.
Read DeVon Franklin’s The Hollywood Commandments to discover how.

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What if you may never experience true fulfillment until you pursue the secular ambitions in your heart? What if you’re stuck in your career because you’re lacking essential knowledge to succeed in life?

In The Hollywood CommandmentsNew York Times bestselling author, Hollywood producer, and spiritual success coach DeVon Franklin reveals ten life-changing lessons picked up from his over twenty-year career that will help you:

  • Identify how to use what makes you unique to propel your career.
  • Overcome fear and build the courage to pursue new opportunities waiting for you.
  • Gain the confidence to make important life decisions with greater peace and clarity.
  • Negotiate the life and career advancement you deserve.

You won’t learn these ten commandments in the church, yet they will help you thrive in your career and achieve the life you’ve been praying for!

*  *  *

“DeVon Franklin…is a bonafide dynamo…a different kind of spiritual teacher for our times.”

In the twenty years I’ve known DeVon, he’s lived his life the same way he makes his movies: with commitment, humility, and a work ethic that demands respect.”

“DeVon is that rare individual who has managed to successfully integrate his spiritual and professional life… Anyone reading this book will benefit from his extraordinary wisdom.”
—MICHAEL LYNTON, chairman of Snap, Inc.

“DeVon Franklin is a remarkable man of infectious enthusiasm and a sterling example that one can navigate through the complexities of life, even the verisimilitude of Hollywood, with clarity, purpose, and integrity.”

“Holding on to one’s faith while pursuing a dream, especially in the entertainment business, is no small feat. DeVon demonstrates this possibility beautifully and without compromise.”

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