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Hello passionate souls.

I have some news to share, an exciting update.

  • I finally received my final edits from the publisher! Yay! Therefore, hopefully, the process will move at a swifter pace. Patience, I’ll continue to prepare and work while I wait.
  • Please take a look at my new updated website; I hope you like it!

You will notice, the older links I’ve posted previously to social media doesn’t work as expected. It’s all good.

Let’s take a trip back to memory lane since 2017 when I first submitted my manuscript. Who gets to do this -I do – We do – you can. Travel the journey with me. I’ll be posting my previous blogs on my social media accounts once again from my new website. The journey isn’t the destination. It’s all the twists, turns, challenges, frustrations,prayer and deliverance along the way.

Thank you for your patience, support, kind words, and encouragement.
May God bless you every minute of the day.

May God bless you every minute of the day.



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