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Hello passionate souls.

I am introducing my signature label, which will be sent to everyone that purchases a book the first week. The white space will include my signature. When you buy, send me a receipt to the following email address ([email protected]), include your mailing address, and I’ll forward the label along to you. Based upon demand; therefore, you might receive a digital copy until we meet in person. Just peel off the back cover, and the label will stick and fit nicely inside of the front cover of the novel. Pretty cool!!!

Also, once the book is released, I’ll update all locations on my website and social media. I see links from Amazon UK, Amazon Brazil, and other countries. Some people are Barnes and Nobles fans; we’ll update the link to purchase there as well and other locations.

By the way, Austin Macauley still has the book on sale for Pre-Order before 9/30/19.

Available for purchase at many locations on 9/30/19, here’s the link for Amazon

We all dream, and sometimes we allow life to get in the way of those dreams. Doubt is one of the biggest enemies we have in our lives.

Have you ever asked yourself why you sacrificed on an idea. You dismissed it. If you have a story you want to share and you have no idea how to get started, I can help you, just like someone helped me and has mentored me since before 2013. More importantly, I can guide you on what not do.

Join my private group, and we’ll discuss whatever you like and have fun in the group. We chat about life, struggles, challenges, travel adventures, and if you’ve done something amazing, we’ll celebrate you. Doesn’t matter how small or monumental, we celebrate. Remember, Positivity, Kindness, and Non-Judgement.

The Private Group link is here: Unleash the How

So for the first several weeks, I’ll read parts of the book. Either on the public page or my private group in the evening, so be sure to join the group. I’ll announce when I’ll be online.

Someone is waiting to hear your story, which can change their entire life. Share your story.

Thank you for your patience, support, kind words, and encouragement.

May God bless you every second of the day.



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