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Hello friends,

It’s your girl Selena.

I hope everyone is having a “Terrific Tuesday.”

Becoming aware of when God speaks, the whispers are quite essential to retain your mental capacity, which impacts your vigor and vitality. There are times when God whispered, and I ignored the whispers. I was complacent and comfortable. Unfortunately, sometimes there are consequences for when I repeatedly ignored the warnings.

What happened next, you might ask? Then we experience pain and suffering. Also, after the fact, we meditate, pray, and reflect. After the situation occurred. Then we attack ourselves instead of showing compassion.

Has this ever happened to you? Did you refuse to forgive, show compassion, and love yourself? Did you notice God sitting right next to you and placing His hand on your knee, saying it’s going to be alright? And when He showed you compassion, at that time, did you forgive yourself and decide to progress forward? You got off the train at the wrong stop, that’s all. There’s always a train stop. You can hop right back on, take a seat, and continue your journey. And you have a Passenger – a ride-or-die – One, that will never leave your side no matter what. You just have to remember to avoid the unhealthy distractions preventing you from leaving His presence and protection. At the end of the day, the choice is yours, you choose.

Join my private group, and we’ll discuss whatever you like and have fun in the group. We’ll chat about life, struggles, challenges, travel adventures, work hard, as well as play hard, and if you’ve done something amazing, we’ll celebrate you. It doesn’t matter how small or monumental we celebrate. Remember, Positivity, Kindness, and Non-Judgement.

The Private Group link is here: Unleash the How

So for the first several weeks, I’ll read parts of the book. Either on the public page or my private group in the evening, so be sure to join the group. I’ll announce when I’ll be online. Stayed tuned, until my daily challenges have been resolved requiring my attention in late evening hours, I don’t want to commit to a specific day and time as of yet.

Someone is waiting to hear your story, which can change their entire life. Share your story.

Thank you for your patience, support, kind words, and encouragement.

Blessings and Opportunities every second of the day,


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