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Hello friends,

It’s your girl Selena.
I hope everyone is having a “Fantastic Friday.”

Every single day is a journey. And the destination is the journey. I’m grateful for every single opportunity that The Holy Spirit continues to bless my soul.

The days and weeks have been long. But guess what? Yup is question time!!! I need to go back and check who responded to the last question. Here’s the new one, “What Does Manipulation Mean To You and Why?

Join my Private Group; the link is here: Unleash the How

Finally, watch one of the coolest things walking along this road. I’m appreciative. Check out my Facebook Link

So for the first several weeks, I’ll read parts of the book. Either on the public page or my private group in the evening, so be sure to join the group. I’ll announce when I’ll be online. Stayed tuned, until my daily challenges have been resolved requiring my attention in late evening hours, I don’t want to commit to a specific day and time as of yet.

Someone is waiting to hear your story, which can change their entire life. Share your story.

Thank you for your patience, support, kind words, and encouragement.

Blessings and Opportunities every second of the day,


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